Understanding How IFHP Covers Mental Health

Understanding How IFHP Covers Mental Health

Unlocking Mental Health Support:

Understanding How IFHP Covers Mental Health:

A 4-Part Series for Ontario The current healthcare landscape is often more than a little confusing, and finding mental health services can make things even more so. In Ontario individuals from certain backgrounds, such as refugees and protected persons but not Canadians themselves, have an unusual resource – the Interim Federal Health program (IFHP).

Understanding how IFHP coverage supports mental health can provide those who meet the eligibility criteria with the ability to maximize benefits and make informed health decisions. This article examines how IFHP covers mental health in Ontario, offering a comprehensive guide to crucial services. What is IFHP?

The Interim Federal Health Program is designed to provide limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits to refugees, asylum seekers and certain other groups who aren´t eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance. Mental health support is vital under this benefit umbrella for the well-being of these large ethnic groups, tough beat that they often live with considerable stress and trauma pre- and post-migration.

IFHP-Covered Mental Health Services

In a significant life change, IFHP offers coverage for several basic mental health services which are key. The services covered include:

Psychological counselling:

Provided by registered psychologists or registered clinical counsellors, this service addresses the mental health needs rising from or made worse by the migration experience and resettlement process.

Psychiatric services:

IFHP also covers psychiatric assessments and treatments, which are indispensable for diagnosing and managing mental illness.


The IFHP formulary lets refugees get prescription drugs for psychiatric conditions and lists both requirements clearly. Provided they are prescribed by a health care professional, such drugs are covered under IFHP. Accessing IFHP Mental Health Services

To access mental health services covered by IFHP, individuals must first ensure they are eligible for coverage of what they require. This typically involves the following steps:

Determination of Eligibility:

Refugees and protected persons are able to check their eligibility at any time through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Understanding What´s Covered:

It’s essential to know what exactly is included in mental health services under your IFHP coverage, and any limitations that might apply. The number of counselling sessions might be limited for example, or some specific treatments not covered.

Finding a Service Provider:

IFHP has a list of registered healthcare providers within its network. Using the Medavie Blue Cross website, you can seek out local psychologists, psychiatrists, and counsellors in your area who accept IFHP. Challenges and Considerations

Although IFHP provides essential services, there are some challenges and limitations:

Limited Term of Coverage:

IFHP is a temporary measure. Coverage duration varies depending on an individual’s status in Canada and can cease if the individual gains eligibility for provincial health insurance.

Availability and Location of Service Providers:

In certain areas it may be tough to find healthcare providers who accept IFHP, resulting in longer wait times for mental health services.

Awareness and Stigma:

Many people who could benefit from IFHP benefits are not aware they even exist. Besides, there’s still quite a bit of mental health stigma to overcome in many societies.


If people in ON waiting upon a mental health service through IFHP, you must be knowledgeable of them When he finds out.

By using the resources effectively, refugees and persons under protection can get mental health services that will help them in their resettlement and upward making their living standards normal again.

Insight Mind Psychotherapy Services is committed to being in a position of covering this journey, helping people navigate IFHP coverage for mental health.

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